Frostan's Belief
"In serving nature, one serves the world and all that belongs to it."

A frostan belief

Environment, climate, and sustainability are the top criteria within which future business strategies and decision-making have to be framed

Covering a wide range of local produce

We preserve all the natural goodness for longer by freezing at the right time

Veggie Supermarket
From Farm

Farm, Where it all begins.

We partner with small holders, leading agricultural associations and know-how institutions.

Then we clean, sort, process, pack and freeze.

Our Cold Chain Services

With our state of the art infrastructure, Frostan provides a vast range of services for farmers, processors and distributors.

Finally, a one stop shop for all our accredited chilled and frozen local produce.

We Deliver Through Our Brands.

Nyam Nyam stands for our Frostan Quality Assured and Halal Certified Meat Range. Beside a wide selection of portioned cuts, we also offer a number of convenient options such as,sausages, burgers patties and marinated products.

We are an innovative company working with the latest technologies.

Our affiliated stakeholders

Are you a potential supplier, customer, investor or an NGO Partner?

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

In the effort to build sustainable agricultural value chains, we have devoted ourselves to good practices and policies.

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